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Mokelu Pictures

About Us

Founded in November 2020 by Samuel Mokelu, Mokelu Pictures focuses on original content that provokes the narrative of black art in America through visual storytelling. 

Aside from producing original content, Mokelu Pictures ventures in music videos, festivals and commercials. 


Mokelu Pictures


Samuel Mokelu, born on February 24th 1995, is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in the Antelope Valley of California.

When diving into his practice of visual arts such as painting, he discovered his love for film and pursued acting. 

After realizing the reality of  'breaking in' the industry, and the expectations due to ones outer appearance, Samuel decided it was best to make his own path in the business. 

After his first YouTube channel Team Broski Ent with his former business partner, they produced 2 short films, 2 mini web series and 1 feature film. Now under new management as Mokelu Pictures, Samuel aims to make the company a recognizable studio who's work will speak for itself.

Publication: Voyage LA


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